Nurse Well-Being Week 2020
Nurse Wellbeing week
A FREE, virtual conference for nurses
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10:00am ET
Nurse Well-Being at Risk: A National Survey
5:00pm ET
Instagram Live with Zach Smith and Linda Scruggs


11:00am ET
Mental, Emotional, and Physical Exhaustion: Look Beyond Sleep to Find Restoration
3:00pm ET
Grief and Anger: How to Cope with Each and Build Resilience
9:00pm ET
Instagram Live with Katie Duke, MSN, ACNP-BC, and host of the Bad Decisions podcast


11:00am ET
Using Mindfulness to Prevent Burnout
3:00pm ET
The Year That Changed Nursing
6:00pm ET
Instagram Live with Financial Planner Matt Elliott


11:00am ET
How to Use Your Voice for Good
3:00pm ET
Love Nursing, but Need a Change?
8:00pm ET
Instagram Live with Katie Duke, MSN, ACNP-BC, and host of the Bad Decisions podcast


3:00p, ET
Keynote: Post-traumatic Growth While the Waves Keep Crashing - with Tim Cunningham, DrPH, MSN

Why attend Nurse Well-Being Week?


Because being a nurse is hard.

Listen to other nurses as they share ideas about what’s helped them make life as a nurse less stressful and more sustainable.


Hear from top experts in their fields.

Gain perspective and learn about how to make better decisions for your mental, physical, and financial health.


Learn how to use your voice to change the profession for the better.

Gain new strategies on how to advocate for yourself and others to improve the well-being of all.

September 27 – October 1, 2021
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